Finding Elizabeth Taylor

Women's bodies are sacred. We must be educated
about how unattainable standards of beauty shape
our self-perception. These authors changed my life and
I am forever grateful.

Naomi Wolf's The Beauty Myth
Sheila Jeffreys' Feminist Reprise
Sheila Jeffreys on Eating Disorders
Jean Kilbourne
Susan Bordo

And once you have made peace with your body you can enter the amazing
and vibrant Plus Size community! So much is going on - I am honored to be
part of it. Please support these blogs and stores - and give them feedback.

Madison Plus
Forever 21

Moving right along in the body department, as a child of the 1980's, I
have observed the expansion of porn imagery into our daily lives as well
as how it is affecting our relationships. We need to start talking 'porn
reform'. Here are some of the leaders in the good fight:

The Price of Pleasure
Robert Jensen
Gail Dines
The Pink Cross